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My name is Priya Logan, and I trained as a doula in 2013 shortly after my youngest child was born. I had only been back in the Uk for a little over a year, and I remember being shocked at how disparate maternity care can be, so as I was healing from the birth I started looking for solutions.

When I discovered an answer, I fell in love with the whole idea of doulas and offering a bridge to something more holistic and humane. I trained initially when my youngest child was only four months old and started doulaing in 2013. Since then I have also trained and worked as a childbirth educator; pregnancy yoga facilitator, and peer breastfeeding supporter with the NCT and help with groups supporting families through birth and postnatally. Currently, I am completing a training in being a full spectrum doula training which is filling a lot of gaps for ways things need to change.

I get so much from working as a doula and meeting families. I feel that being a doula rests on deep integrity, personal trust and a commitment to the wellbeing of the families and people you work which is always about self development and finding webs of support and accountability as we support others.

What I feel also informs a lot of my approach is a background in caring for people and their families in intimate settings as a support worker and training in holistic therapies which I did in New Zealand, where my eldest children were born. I was also lucky to witness continuity of care in action there and here with some remarkable people dedicated to wholehearted healing interaction.

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