Júlia Fernandez

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Birth, Postpartum

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Hello! I am Júlia, a young, passionate, tender, warm-hearted doula.
Besides being a birth and postnatal doula, I am a social and cultural anthropologist, specialised in peace and conflict studies and women’s rights. I currently work as a BAME women’s support worker for survivors of domestic abuse. I am a qualified Yoga Teacher and a Pregnancy and Postnatal yoga teacher. I teach some yoga classes around and also offer one-to-one private sessions!
I am not a mother myself, but my life experiences have created my ability to support others with sensibility, empathy and compassion. I firmly believe in the difference that having a birth companion that supports and nurtures you can make in the experience of motherhood. Birth companions can offer another model of care for mothers and babies that confront the fear-based culture around childbirth and the imaginary of birth as a traumatic, fearful, painful event. As a doula, I work to bring back that sense of a loving, caring and empowering traditional woman-led process and space to your birth.
I believe in the importance of reinforcing the concept of childbirth as an event that can be a positive experience for you, encouraging you to take your power back so you feel in charge of your own beautiful and unique birth, either it unfolds in a labor ward, in theatre, or in your own bed. The birth of your baby can be an empowering process for you as you carry and deliver this new life, being confident that the space where the birth takes place belongs to you and you deserve to feel respected and safe there. Your birth is yours!


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