Daisy Dinwoodie

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Birth, Postpartum

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Hello! I have been happily and gratefully working with families as a birth educator and doula since 2007, and as a pregnancy yoga teacher since 2010 at the Pregnancy and Parents Centre in Edinburgh. I strongly believe in every woman’s ability, with access to balanced information, to know what is right for her and her baby and that, with support of her partner and/or doula she can safely birth her baby with grace, strength and passion. I have supported many women planning to birth after caesarean (VBAC) and those considered high risk. I am very knowledgeable about your rights and am happy to support you to birth at home, in theatre, or anywhere else. After years of supporting families, I have good relations both with local community and hospital midwives, and with doctors. I am happy to meet you to discuss your needs. I do not have a preference as to how you birth your baby, but know that you do, and that you will want unconditional support with that.


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