Andrea Sugar

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  • End-of-life

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I was drawn to become an End-of-Life Doula because I respect death as a natural part of the life-cycle and have a healthy understanding of my own relationship to death. A large part of my understanding comes from my personal experience with death. From the time I was eight years old until I was seventeen years old, someone very close to me died every other year and then in 2015 both of my parents died four months apart from each other. My personal experiences with life, and death, provided me a bounty of information both practically and spiritually. The personal work I did in therapy and spiritually enabled me to arrive at a place where I am comfortable with all of the emotions, some very complicated, that death can bring. My attitude towards death is one of peace, compassion and openness. This is what I seek to bring to others; death is a moving on, but not necessarily an ending. The idea of death and dying can be scary, it might feel scary to talk about it or to even think about it. Together we can explore the fears associated with death and dying as well as themes of loss, uncertainty and everything in between.

I will answer questions about the process of death and dying, memorial, legacy work and any other topic that might arise. I am here to have open conversations to help deepen the client’s understanding and relationship to death in order to create ease throughout the process.

I am an advocate for the dying, and as such, will help in any way I am able to move through the unknown territory as the final transition nears. I will uphold the desires and wishes of the client’s plan for death, including any after-death components.

I will assist with understanding information as it is presented and with helping family members make sense of this as well. I will assist with each piece of the transition as it arrives. I am here to be a compassionate presence throughout the process. I am here to be with you – to companion and serve – you are not alone.


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