Andie Newton (Integral Doula)

Type of Doula services:

Birth, Postpartum

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Additional Skills

Abortion support and companionship, Belly binding, Breastfeeding, Cesarean Birth, Debriefing, Ecstatic birthing, EFT and Birth Trauma, Full-spectrum doula, Hip closing ceremony, Mother blessing, Massage, Pregnancy after loss, Reflexology, Reiki, Sexual/birth/ancestral trauma, Stillbirth/loss, Trauma-informed, Twins and multiples, VBAC

Personal Statement

After many years as a carer & holistic therapist I became a mum and fell in love with all things birth & mothering. My own experiences of birth & breastfeeding changed everything for me & I discovered how perfectly capable we are of birthing & taking care of our children so long as our own needs are also met. I learned the value of really good support as well as the hardship that can occur in its absence. I am passionate about supporting people to experience their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period in the way they choose for themselves. With loving care and utmost respect and adapted to meet their own individual needs and preferences. I am deeply drawn to our ancestral ways of caring for one another, mothering the mother is the oldest practice we have. Having support that is unbiased, independent and only there to serve you can make all the difference. I am also deeply committed to upholding the rights of the individual and will provide unbiased non-judgmental support and a listening ear whenever you need it. I can help you to become informed about your rights and choices and advocate for you where necessary. I am not going to take the place of any other member of your circle. I will bring what you feel you need from my support and adapt to your needs as they arise. I will believe in you as you walk your path and hold a protective space around you as you meet your little one. And if you just need warm nourishing food and a foot rub that’s all good too! I am always available to chat and happy to drive a good distance to support clients (after all everywhere is a long drive in the Highlands!). Payment plans are available too so please don’t let finances be a barrier to you having support.
I am a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master of 20 years experience & am also a Tui Na (Acupressure & Massage) therapist. I am currently training in EFT & Reflexology & can offer these treatments as a part of my training.


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